Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing | Best Marketing Strategy

As a new entrepreneur, we always confuse what to make a choice between Traditional Marketing Vs Digital marketing when it comes to showcasing our brand.

In the world full of competition. We always struggle to keep our brand in front of our customers. When we look around, we notice that we are surrounded by different brands. If we notice them closely we can clearly observe that these brands are following us wherever we go. They make it possible using both Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing strategies

Which is the Best Marketing Strategy – Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing
traditional marketing vs digital marketing

Most new entrepreneurs may always confuse while promoting their product or service. They may encounter roughly two strategies available i.e Traditional Marketing and Digital marketing

Answering the above question is a little bit difficult as both of them have their own pros and cons. Let’s discuss them briefly.

What is traditional marketing? | What are the benefits of traditional marketing?

Traditional Marketing

As the name suggests it is the form of marketing which is a long run from old decades. This type of marketing involves advertisements via Newspapers, Brochures, Hoardings, TVC, etc.

This type of marketing has its own benefits. As it is widely available and had a long impact on your customer’s mind. It is the best strategy that will build trust and brand loyalty.

Another major factor to consider traditional marketing is. It does not need any technical skills and easy to use.

It can also be a preferred option if your targeted audience does not use the internet. Because as per the survey the only 47.5% of Indians has access to smartphone and internet. To have the wide reach we always consider traditional marketing.

Does Traditional Marketing have limitations?

It’s obvious as each coin has two sides, Traditional marketing has some of the drawbacks.

One of the major drawbacks of Traditional Marketing is, It is considered as one of the expensive strategies. If compared with Digital Marketing ROI (Return on Investment) is also less.

Another thing to be considered is, this is the Broadcast or Outbound type of marketing. This means only the message from the advertiser is conveyed to the customers but has no way to get feedback. While effective marketing will be converting feedback to feedforward. This will help you gain long term success.

The thing which you may also get affected while using traditional marketing is. It is really difficult to reverse or edit the changes.

Imagine a situation where you had decided to publish the Newspaper Ad. In the middle of printing it, you notice one of the digits from your contact no is missing. At this moment you have very little choice and most time money and effort were gonna waste.

The biggest disadvantage while considering traditional marketing is. Tracking and Retargeting are not possible.

Consider another situation. When you have seen a Big Hoarding on Roadside showcasing a newly launched smartphone.

Does it mean you will immediately go and buy that smartphone? Absolutely the answer is a BIG NO. That means you must identify and target your customers through various marketing forms. This is not possible in traditional marketing. As there is no mechanism of Tracking and Retargetting.

Done understanding a lot with Traditional Marketing. now let’s understand

What is Digital Marketing?

Sure, As the name itself suggest the way of marketing via the Internet. Digital Marketing is purely a new marketing term. This influences peoples in the last four to five years. It grows importance after the wide availability of the internet. Mostly among Indians and their presence on social media.

As many peoples are on the internet. Especially youngsters are spending about 60% of their time on social media sites. Many Brands are interested to reach them via it. This is where Digital Marketing comes in focus

In Digital Marketing Brands promote themselves by creating a website. We also need to have a presence on social media. It is done by creating fan pages on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others.

Ohh. It sounds cool ya. Let us discuss the Advantages of Digital Marketing

The best thing about digital marketing compared to traditional is. It is the cheapest form of marketing and ROI is far better.

Let us see with an example.

Imagine a situation you are situated in a state of India and want to promote your product in another state. The traditional way of using placing Hoarding or using newspapers. It is practically impossible or may incur a huge cost.

The thing about Digital Marketing we must appreciate is. Its tracking and retargeting feature. As we have already discussed customers don’t make the decision at the first impression. In Digital Marketing we have the feature to identify the specific customer. Track their past history on the internet and present our brand accordingly.

Let’s have one more case study. You may have come across the situation where you have visited an E-Commerce website. You may and search for sports shoes. But have not purchased yet and left the site. The immediate application you open after leaving the site. You may notice the same product as an advertisement. Not only this. Sometimes, you may get the custom email. It may announce the big discount on the same sports shoes you have browsed before.

This all magic happens with the use of tracking and retargeting feature.

In Digital Marketing things are very easy to reverse or change and it is an Inbound type of Marketing.

Back to the same newspaper example. In Traditional Marketing, It is far way easy to update the existing contact no. Also if you promote the same post via any social media. It may generate engagement from your customers and also potential business leads. You may answer the queries via comments and reply via messages, thus it is the inbound type of marketing.


Does it mean Digital Marketing is better than Traditional Marketing?

From the above discussion of Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing. You may have your answer clear. The only problem with Digital Marketing is. it requires your customer must have access to interne to reach your message. Also, you must have a few technical skills. This is necessary to run your digital marketing campaigns on social media platforms.

Finally, it’s time to decide which is the best marketing strategy. Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing?

The answer is much more simple. It totally depends on your business and your targeted audience. You must go for a balanced strategy. The strategy is to have your presence on both, traditional as well as digital platforms. That means you need to use both Traditional Marketing and Digital marketing

Done with this long blog, if you can bear me for some more time. Do read Market Management Techniques to market your product in the right way. Do visit our official website MasterApp Technologies to Know us better. Also do follow and drop your valuable comments below.

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