Quora- A gold miner for a new blogger

If you are planning to start a new blog, or you are want to drive traffic to an existing one. There is many ways to drive traffic to your website. It includes using the sales funnel, social sharing, guest blogging, paid campaigns etc. But quora can be a gold miner for you.

What is quora?

There may be a very limited one who does not know about Quora. It is an American question and answer website. In recent years it is also popular as a discussion forum website. In quora, users ask questions and internet users all over the world give answers. The answer is rated based on the votes it receives. The answer with the largest votes is considered as a preferred answer.

quora a gold miner for new blogger
quora a gold miner for a new blogger

How quora is useful for new bloggers?

There are many factors to consider quora to bring initial traffic to your website. In this article, we will be discussing it one by one.

Using Quora for Blog Ideas

Many new bloggers struggle with the topics to write on. For the purpose, quora is the best platform where they can get ideas. They can find many questions related to their niche where peoples are interested. Bloggers can try to answer these questions and provide a backlink to their blog within them. Also, they can write a detailed article on which peoples are most curious. This will help them to get good traffic.

Quora a gold miner for new bloggers

Peoples on quora are already interested in a specific niche. Also, they are exploring the questions and curious about a specific topic. All these factors work as Icing on the cake for new bloggers. They get the readymade set of audiences those need to drive to the website. All this to done via answering simple questions.
Thus new bloggers can get a good amount of initial traffic for their website. Also, it’s not only the amount but the traffic quality that matters.

Domain Authority of Quora

DA score is very important to rank any website on google.DA of any website is calculated using many factors. That includes existed duration, relevancy, quality content, spam score, engagement, etc.
As quora existed for a very long time from more than 10+ years. Also, it has a good amount of engagement and a very low spam score i.e 1%. Thus DA of Quora is very high i.e 92.
Thus getting a backlink from quora will increase your website DA Score.

Build a professional brand on Quora

Quora as a professional discussion forum. You can create your profile and gain followers by giving quality answers. This way you can build your brand among the number of users. Which may then can be used to drive quality traffic to your website. Also if you are using affiliate marketing. It will help you gain trust and loyalty among users.

Avoid these common mistakes

Quora can be a very good platform for new bloggers considering all the above points. But while using it one needs to avoid following mistakes. Else you will end up with a banned account.

Stick to the topic:
While answering any question be specific to the topic. Try to be as brief as possible. Only detailed if required else be bold and clear in short.

Don’t judge a book by its cover
Any question can have two sides. so before answering any question try to figure out what it actually means. It will help to to get straight to the point. Else you will end up answering that is not asked.

Don’t be spammy
You can definitely provide a backlink to your blog for reference. But it does not mean to spam each answer with links. This will result in an account ban.

Only originality exists
You will need to create an account with your original name. It also needs to provide basic details while creating an account.

Don’t wait and explore this awesome platform. It will help push your blog to the next level. Do follow us on quora and comment below if you have any further questions.

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