1 Million Means? | How many Lakhs is 1 million?

What 1 Million Means? A Million can be a new term for many peoples. Million is the term that derived from Italian word millione.

The million can be used in the English language as a metaphor for a very large number. Some of the metaphors can be “Not in a million years” or “You’re one in a million”. It can also be “I’ve walked a million miles” and “You’ve asked a million-dollar question”.

Getting to the point and answering a question is very simple.

1 Million = 10 Lakhs

We can begin with an easy number that is Thousand- 1000

1000 can sometimes also denoted by Kilo(K)

One Thousand – 1000= 1K
Ten Thousand – 10,000=10K
Hundred Thousand – 100,000= 100K

Hundred Thousand is also termed as One Lakh, Thus

100K = 1 Lakh
1000K= 10 Lakhs

Now finally we reached to our Term million

1 Million = 10 Lakhs

Also further it continues to Billions and Trillions.

If you need more information about the same you can visit Wekipedia and explore more. I hope it is now clear about what One Million equals in short. Do follow our Digital Marketing Blogs if you have more interest in making our online brand.

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